Baptist21 at the SBC?


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Baptist 21 has been approached by several people asking if we are planning on holding any kind of event at the SBC in Louisville this summer. To be honest that is something we had been considering for the future as a way of getting younger SBCers to and involved in the annual meeting, but we did not realize there would be interest this quickly. Because of the amount of interest shown we are now considering what might be doable at this year’s convention.

If B21 held an event, it would only be for the purposes of getting younger guys to the convention and providing an opportunity for them to connect with each other. What would such an event look like? There might be a couple of speakers who could discuss the topics of getting younger people involved in the SBC, why should folks stay in the SBC, and the future of the SBC. There would also be a panel Q & A made up of 2nd and 3rd generation Southern Baptists (See Steve McKinion’s posts) in current leadership in the SBC or SBC churches. This event may be as modest as a coffee house atmosphere or as large as a conference setting with live music. Baptist 21 would like to know your interest in that kind of an event and what influence it might have on your decision to come to the SBC. Since the crowd for such an event would be made up of Baptist 21 readers and those connected with Baptist 21 readers, we are setting up a poll to see what the interest would be. Please let us know how this might affect you, your friends, and your decisions on whether or not you’d come to the SBC if an event like this was held. The options are available on the side panel at the top of the website.

We hope that many, many younger SBCers will show up this year at the annual meeting and we hope to do our small part in encouraging that to happen. Please leave us your comments below or email us at on any other ideas or things you’d like to see happen with our event

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Nathan Akin

Nathan Akin is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the Liaison to the Churches for SEBTS. In addition, he serves as the College Director at Open Door Baptist Church. Nathan has a BS in Political Science and a Social Sciences teaching degree from Murray State University, where he also played basketball (Go Racers– The 30th best basketball program since ’85 according to

8 thoughts on “Baptist21 at the SBC?

  1. I plan on being in Louisville that week looking for a place to live and for my wife a job (we are coming up to Southern this fall), but I don’t know if our schedules will permit being at the convention. However, if it is an evening gathering or what not I think we could make a B21 event and would be very interested in doing so. Thanks for the work you guys are doing.

  2. If I was in the same country and the event was held in my hometown…Atlanta…I would probably come. Otherwise there are other events such as Catalyst that I would rather spend my resources on. Maybe in the future.

  3. I would love something like that to be offered during the convention. Unfortunately, I am supposed to lead a mission trip to Bolivia on the 26th so I do not think I can attend the SBC. Otherwise, I would definitely be there. I think an event like this would be helpful as us 3rd generational baptists are seeking to find our way and voice in the convention.

  4. just introduced to your stuff by paul chitwood; have been trying to talk to some of the leaders that fought the fight and I am planning on being in ky. this summer. would love to connect.

    patrick payton (southern, 1999)

  5. I think it would be a worthwhile endeavour, if for no other reason than to get your name out there. I am a Southeastern student and no one had directed me to your this site. I like the work you guys are doing. After attend the FBCJax Pastors Conference, I’m catching wind of the efforts of you guys and like minded men. Thanks

  6. This question is not meant to open a discussion on complementarianism – it’s just a question ….
    Are you talking about having an event geared to and open only to men?

  7. Beth,

    We think that convention involvement is open to all, so we would encourage female involvement. Though, we understand that convention involvement mainly comes from pastors leading their churches to be involved in the convention, and we believe that that role is open only to men, see our doctrinal affirmations at the top. So, while the majority of those that we would like to see involved at our annual meeting will be men and this meeting would be specifically focused on men, we also hope for the involvement of women as well. I hope this helps.


  8. I would attend I think. Depends on what else is going on at the same time.

    If it was this or the Founders dinner, then I would be at the Founders dinner. It were this or the Southern Luncheon, then I would be at the Southern Luncheon.

    So, just depends on when it is.

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