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Go Network: Church Planting in Mississippi


B21 wants to make you aware of the Go Network for church planting in Mississippi, focusing primarily on the central and southern parts of the state.

“Go Network is a group of churches committed to developing church planters that will reach people far from God with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are looking for planters who are in this for the long term and who want to plant externally focused churches in Mississippi. Planters who participate in Go’s development process will be asked to engage in very intense ministry experiences that will cause them to examine their lives and grow through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Led by church planters Eric Smith and Philip Thurman, Go Network is sure to serve Mississippi well with Gospel-centered, disciple-making churches.

For more info, visit http://www.goplantchurches.com/

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Benjamin Quinn

Director of Student Development at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and attends North Wake Church in Wake Forest. Benjamin grew up in Corinth, MS and received a BA in Biblical Studies from Union University in ’05, an MDiv in Christian Ministry at SEBTS in ’08, ThM in Christian Ethics at SEBTS in ’10, and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Bristol in conjuction with the Paideia Centre for Public Theol0gy. Benjamin married his junior high sweetheart, Ashley, and has two children, Emma Claire and Campbell Schafers (“Camp”).

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  1. If anyone is interested in planting in the great state of Mississippi get in touch with us!

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