B21 Video Interview with LC President Aguillard


B21′s Jonathan Akin sat down with President Joe Aguillard of Louisiana College to talk about the controversy surrounding his school. The audio is available now, the video will be available soon. Jon has written about this controversy  – In addition, here is an article from the local newspaper The Town Talk on the Louisiana College Situation.

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Nathan Akin

Nathan Akin is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the Liaison to the Churches for SEBTS. In addition, he serves as the College Director at Open Door Baptist Church. Nathan has a BS in Political Science and a Social Sciences teaching degree from Murray State University, where he also played basketball (Go Racers– The 30th best basketball program since ’85 according to espn.com).

4 thoughts on “B21 Video Interview with LC President Aguillard

  1. I have just now had the opportunity to watch this interview.

    Dr. Aguillard was evasive of directly answering Jonathan’s questions. He sounded like many of our politicians by answering a question with question.

    While never defining “hyper-Calvinism” , his answers seemed to equate it with anyone who holds to “Limited Antonement”.

    While he is free to hold any position he chooses, he should at least be forthright and clearly state his position.

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