The Southern Baptist Convention: An Introduction

  “The Southern Baptist Convention is made up of many individuals, churches, and entities. Although most people understand the term Southern Baptist Convention to refer to the ongoing cooperative efforts of Southern Baptists, it can also be understood as referring to the annual two-day meeting. At this convention, messengers from Southern Baptist churches approve, adjust, … Continue reading The Southern Baptist Convention: An Introduction

9 Essentials of Church Planting – Part 2

Every so often I have a conversation with a dude that is considering church planting. And most of the conversations I have with guys considering or pursuing church planting include questions about what practical essentials a church planter should have. Over the past several years, through tons of conversations with church planters, people who train … Continue reading 9 Essentials of Church Planting – Part 2

CP Transparency

Shared expenses and Southern Baptist State Conventions In our previous post (SBC Loyalty?) we focused mainly on our generation, but this post speaks more to the generation before us. It would seem that there is a lack of transparency when it comes to allocating the CP dollars that ma and pa Southern Baptist are sacrificially … Continue reading CP Transparency

Porterbrook with PlantNC

In the past Baptist21 has let our readers know about a church-planting network in NC called PlantNC. It is their mission to be a network of churches, pastors, leaders and planters whose mission is to make disciples through the planting of gospel centered churches. So, in order to carry out that mission PlantNC has an … Continue reading Porterbrook with PlantNC

Top Ten SBC2010 Stories (pt 1)

As we close out 2010, Baptist21 wants to take a look back on the year in the SBC. We will list the top ten stories of the year in the SBC, as best we can. 1. The Passing of the GCR: the passing of the GCR could be one of the most significant moments in … Continue reading Top Ten SBC2010 Stories (pt 1)