Politicians, SEND, & the SBC

Since the ERLC announced that they will be having a discussion about religious liberty with a couple of politicians at the SEND conference, we have been asked to respond. After all, we’ve been questioned, if we have concerns about the SBC pastors’ conference invitation of politician Ben Carson, shouldn’t we have concerns here? It’s a … Continue reading Politicians, SEND, & the SBC

B21 Panel SBC 2015 (Video)

Video of this year’s SBC B21 Panel in Columbus, Ohio. This year’s panel featured Danny Akin, H.B. Charles, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, and David Platt. Some of the topics addressed: Sexuality and Marriage Gender Racial Tensions Cooperative Missions IMB Policies And More…   B21 Panel – SBC 2015 from Baptist21 on Vimeo.